Fighting for Breath – 2016 Presentations

Fighting for Breath – 2016 Presentations

What is Severe Asthma? A focus on definition, diagnosis and guidelines – Dr. Mark FitzGerald

Highlights from the Severe Asthma: The Canadian Patient Journey – Dr. Dilini Vethanayagam

The Patient & Healthcare Practitioner Perspectives – A Panel Discussion – Dr. Susan Waserman; Penny Grant; Dr. Alan Kaplan; Dr. Jason Lee; Margaret Leigh

Role of Allergy and Environment Management in Treatment of Severe Asthma – Dr. Harold Kim

New and Emerging treatments of Severe Asthma – Dr. Parameswaran Nair

The costs of Severe Asthma – A conversation on National Pharmacare and the changing Canadian landscape – (PANEL) Vanessa Foran; Brent Fraser; Dr. Joel Lexchin; Dr. Nigel Rawson; Bill Swan

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